La Faim de Loup

100 GR


The Fleuron de Brugge is made by Kaas Brugge in the Moorslede region, Belgium. Belgium is well known for its traditional cheese making methods and this is also the case for this original and delicious cheese. This cheese is aged in humid caves for a short time; this aging process creates a surprisingly crunchy natural rind. It has the original shape of a country bread and an ivory paste. FLAVOR: A soft and unique taste with hazelnut and butter aromas. You will enjoy a smooth and unctuous texture. HOW TO ENJOY: Perfect on a cheeseboard or in your favorite recipes. Pairs well with a red Bourgogne and a fresh baguette.


Belgique : Région Flamande Poids : 2 kg Lait : Vache, pasteurisé Classification : Pâte pressée non cuite souple Producteur : Bergomilk